Banana Recipes

Banana Entrees

Bananas have long been a part of food and cooking. However, the first varieties used for cooking were red and green that we refer to as plantains today. They are used in many cultural dishes around the world. Plantains are common in Mexican and Spanish dishes where they are usually fried and served as an entree with a variety of sauces or other complementary foods.

These bananas however, are very unlike the yellow ones found commonly in the U.S. Yellow bananas are much sweeter and are actually mutations of the original bananas. These can also be found in recipes ranging from main courses to smaller meals such as snacks or for dessert. Their use in desserts range from being part of a grand fruit platter to acting as flavoring in ice cream or yogurt. There are banana cakes, banana pies, banana breads and banana treats for every occasion. Bananas can be eaten as snacks; they can be sliced and dipped into peanut butter or you can just eat the whole fruit by itself.

Bananas are also used for entrees although when used as such, they are not the main ingredient. Rather they are usually sliced or mashed and mixed in with other foods to enhance flavor and texture.

Bananas And Sausage

One such example is Sausages with Banana. This quick and easy entree requires only five minutes prep time, 15 minutes cooking time, and four ingredients: sausages, bananas, butter and salt. First, the bananas are sliced and sprinkled with salt. Butter is melted in a frying pan to which the sausages and seasoned bananas are added. The dish is ready to serve when the sausage is cooked through

Bananas, Carrots And Veal Chops

An equally easy entree to make is Veal Chops with Bananas and Carrots. Veal Chops, sliced bananas, sliced carrots, butter and seasonings are stirred together in a bowl. The contents are then transferred to a baking dish and baked for about 20 minutes or until the veal chops are tender. The entree is served with hot rice.

Bananas And Tomatoes

Tomatoes and Banana Curry is a spicy sauce that is made with bananas, tomatoes, butter, curry powder and seasonings. The tomatoes and pureed and the bananas sliced before being mixed with the rest of the ingredients and cooked into a creamy sauce. The curry can then be used with cooked rice or noodles.